When you start working on a website to earn money, it is necessary to register with different payment processors to withdraw funds obtained. You can find multiple payment processors as wallets, some well-known and others not so much. Nevertheless, you need those wallets that offer you the best benefits, and AdvCash is one of them.


AdvCash is an electronic payment processor or wallet launched in 2013. This wallet has very attractive features.

One of the key features of AdvCash is the possibility of having a virtual card or a physical one at a fairly low cost. Other core aspects include instant and free money transfer, low commissions, and the exchange of dollars with another currency at no cost.

Another favorable aspect is that you can load your account through the different processors supported by AdvCash, even with bitcoin or bank transfer. And you can also withdraw your funds with a physical card or make purchases online with a virtual card. 

AdvCash: Registration 

Registration in AdvCash is absolutely free, and it means you don’t have to pay for your account creation. You can also register from anywhere in the world and benefit from the great features offered by AdvCash.

Open the AdvCash portal and go down a bit until you see a registration button to create your account.

Finally, you must fill in the registration form correctly, with your name, surname, email, and password.

As soon as you complete the registration, you must confirm by clicking on the validation link that you just received by email. 

Verify account

Verification is not required, meaning that you can start trading without verifying the account. Besides, you can also use the cards but with certain restrictions ($2,500 maximum).

Nevertheless, account verification is essential for greater security and freedom of use. Account verification is a simple process that takes less than 1 minute.

The verification process starts when you click on the not verified option. Then, you will complete your profile, where you must enter accurate data. This information must coincide with the documents that you must enter later. 

Finally, once your profile is completed, you must put the following documents:

  • ID card or passport
  • Current public service bill less than 3 months where your address is mentioned 
  • Enter a mobile phone number. You will receive a PIN of 6 codes to be able to confirm.

How does AdvCash work?

AdvCash offers its services to the user efficiently in terms of its main function, both receiving and withdrawing funds. This payment processor stands out because it provides multiple ways to carry out these transactions. 

Depositing and withdrawing the balance via Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money, Yandex Money, etc. Transfers to Visa and MasterCard, and internal transactions between users. You can also deposit the balance through mobile phones, whereas you can withdraw your funds using a physical card or a virtual card offered by AdvCash. 

Virtual and physical credit card

You can opt for a plastic card or a virtual one (Master Card) with the lowest commissions on the market.

AdvCash virtual cards are for large amounts of money and use the payment processor constantly. It is affordable, suggesting that it does not generate any monthly or annual maintenance costs once you take it out. It has a creation cost of €4.99 during the first 7 days of opening the account. Then the amount will increase to €14.99.

It will not charge a commission for transactions or payments, and the ATM withdrawal will cost $1.99 for dollars or $2.99 for other currencies.

AdvCash physical cards can be continually recharged for online purchases using the same balance in your AdvCash wallet. The cost of creation is $1, each recharge will cost $0.99, and it does not generate commissions for maintenance or when making payment transactions. 

Excellent security options 

Another favorable aspect of AdvCash is the various security options that will give you extra protection so that your account is protected. You can activate these options by accessing the menu and entering ‘Security Settings’.

The following steps will help you choose the protection mode that interests you the most:

  • Set a certain IP: It will only recognize the address of your PC, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or any personal device.
  • Email verification: Every time you try to open your account, you will receive a PIN via email.
  • Additional password for payments: You must enter this additional password when you want to make a payment. 

AdvCash referral system

AdvCash also offers a referral system that lets you make extra. You can receive 20% of the commissions collected from your referrals. Even though it includes only the commissions collected, it is worth inviting friends and acquaintances. You don’t need to verify your account if you want to benefit from this referral system.

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