Key features and functions of Payeer

A Russian origin, Payeer is a powerful currency storage and exchange system serving as an alternative to the well-established traditional payment methods. It stands out for its versatility when exchanging FIAT (physical currencies) and cryptocurrencies. Unlike other more popular processors, including PayPal and Skrill, the verification method is much more extensive on the platform and easier to access.

Not only does it fulfill the function of an online wallet, but we can also use it as a payment platform on our e-commerce websites.

This blog explains the key features and main functions of Payeer, and we hope you will obtain good information from this.

Key features of Payeer

  • Starting to operate on Payeer takes you a matter of minutes without any hurdles.
  • Unverified accounts have a daily deposit and withdrawal limit of $2,000.
  • VISA and Mastercard cards are accepted, meaning you can add the balance usig these cards.
  • The account does not have a maintenance cost.
  • Exchange of balances between FIAT currencies (Dollar, Rubles, Euros) or Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.).
  • Transactions between Payeer user wallets have a relatively low and acceptable cost (0.95%).
  • You can receive money from the different websites you are working on or from other people without verifying your account.
  • Integration with other similar wallets directly and through third parties.

Main functions of Payeer

Receive Money

To receive money from another user or from a platform that you are using to generate income, you simply have to use your username. It is made up of the letter ‘P’ and a succession of numbers, like P36604675.

You simply send that number or place it in the options of the websites that you work with. Remember that a verified account is not the requirement to receive payments.

Deposit money into your Payeer account

You can add money to your Payeer account by pressing the ‘ADD’ button in the navigation bar on the right and choose between the different options. Depending on the platform you use to deposit, they charge the commissions on the deposit.

Send money from Payeer

If you want to send money to another Payeer account, to a website (of which you are going to work), or a company that uses Payeer, you must press the ‘Transfer’ button. The method to send money is simple, easy and fast. 

You enter the secure transaction code (the Master Key that you will receive by mail at the time of registration).

You indicate the amount to send and in what currency and click on the ‘Send’ button.

You can send dollars, and the other user receives Euros in their account. The same can be done with all currencies accepted on the platform. In the red box, you can see the transaction cost. The exchange is automatic, suggesting that it take the market value into account during the transaction. 

Payeer money withdrawal

The steps for withdrawing money are the same as those you saw when making the transfer. You must choose where to send it, the address of another wallet.

There are groups in which balance is bought or sold, which greatly lowers the transactions’ cost between users and platforms.

Instant currency exchange

One of the last functions that we will analyze is the ‘Exchange’. You can exchange between the different currencies that the platform accepts instantly in this menu. Now, Payeer also added the Trade section where you can make operations speculating on the rising or falling prices of the assets.

For example, you send 100 units from your Rubles account, and the other user would be receiving 1.28 dollars at an exchange rate of 77.6332. The website does everything automatically and depending on the currencies’ price at that time.

Payeer Referral System

It is a referral system that can generate great differences for you, and Payeer has one, and it is very good.

In the configuration part ‘My Referrals’, you can find your LINK to share and get more people to join the platform. The system allows you to earn up to 25% of the commissions generated by your referrals’ trades.

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