All You Need To Know About Payeer

With the popularity of online currency and digital wallets rising in the digital world, several facilities have been introduced to make online money management easier. One of these facilities is Payeer in Pakistan.

#1 What Is Payeer?

Payeer is a rising name among many digital wallets. If you too are one of the many people who are looking for information here and there about the new digital wallet facility, seek no further because this guide will tell you all that you need to know about Payeer. Payeer is an e-wallet service that enables you to use several cryptocurrency facilities, like transactions, exchange, withdrawal, deposit, and the likes. Payeer in Pakistan has been growing at significant speed and is making great upgrades in finance management.

#2 The Functions of Payeer:

The Payeer e-wallet has several functions that will help in your online money management process. The functions are as mentioned below:

  • With Payeer in Pakistan, you can have a safe account to store your money, which includes tokens, coins, and fiat currency.
  • Payeer also allows you an easy option for trading money online.
  • Trading is not where it ends. With Payeer, you do not have to worry about depositing and withdrawing your money. Payeer provides complete ease and convenience in doing so. 
  • If you own a Visa card or a Mastercard, you can also enjoy the many facilities provided by Payeer. 

#3 Advantages of Payeer:

Here are some of the advantages of Payeer that might compel you to use it:

  • The Payeer software is relatively easy to work your way through, whether you are using it on the computer or your phone.
  • Payeer works with cryptocurrency and fiat money both. Moreover, it can convert these two currencies in almost no time.
  • Payeer in Pakistan offers a handful of beneficial functions: trade, deposit, withdraw, and conversion can be easily done right in your e-wallet.
  • One more advantage that would probably be deemed the best by many people is its fee for trading, which is an amazingly small number of 0.195%.

#4 Disadvantages of Payeer:

While Payeer provides many impressive advantages, the disadvantages cannot be ignored. Here are the disadvantages of Payeer that you should know before you open up for an account.

  • This one might make many people frown and turn them away from using Payeer. Payeer does not support services for payment.
  • Though it does have a minimal amount of fee for trading money, the fee for withdrawing or depositing money in Payeer is relatively high. With Mastercard, Payeer charges 6.5% of the total amount on deposit and 2.99% along with an additional amount of $6 for withdrawal. 
  • Payeer has quite a demanding limit for withdrawing money, which is $10 minimum.

#5 How to Set Up a Payeer Account:

Setting up an account for Payeer in Pakistan is easy. All you have to do is download the application from the app store. The app itself will take you through the installation process with an easy guide.

Hopefully, this guide answered all your questions and helped you decide whether to get Payeer or not.