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A Guide To Buying And Selling Through Payeer In Pakistan

With the passage of each day, Payeer is becoming a popular means of money transfer in Pakistan. The platform is feasible to do online shopping on international e-commerce websites or make international payments and settlements. You can even use fiat money and cryptocurrencies for exchange, selling, buying, and various settlements. 

All you have to do is get a Payeer wallet to be able to expand your network of money transmission internationally. The owners of e-commerce websites as well as the buyers can use their e-wallet for selling and buying goods and products. Exchanging cryptocurrencies against the money in your Payeer wallet is also possible. You can use this fiat money to pay for settlements across the globe. 

Pakistanis can also cash out their Payeer dollars at reasonable rates. Payeer in Pakistan is now operational in order to allow citizens to perform online transactions. From online payments to exchanging money for cryptocurrency, Payeer will allow you to enjoy easy transfers and exchange. 

Use Payeer For Online Shopping:

Payeer is a network that facilitates both sides of the mirror, the buyers as well as the owners of e-commerce websites. Additionally, the service allows clearance of internet, cell phone, and gaming bills. If you are in Pakistan and have to pay for a gaming or cable service you bought from an international seller, you can use your Payeer e-wallet to pay for the subscription. You don’t need to physically contact the seller, instead, you can use your mobile phone to perform this task from your home.

After making a purchase, the e-commerce owner will share their Payeer ID along with an invoice number on your email or mobile number. Follow the instructions as mentioned in the text to avoid making any mistakes during the transfer process.

The Payeer ID is specific to everyone and will help you identify whether the person you’re sending the money to is the correct one. While making payments or sending funds to a Payeer account, the invoice number is also required for successful transfer. This is a unique number generated upon a withdrawal request. It is a one-time code that you can only use for a single transaction. With each withdrawal request, a different invoice number is generated to keep the process secure and free of any glitches.

How To Create A Payeer Account In Pakistan:

Payeer is one of the world’s most advanced and famous electronic payment systems. The platforms accept credit and debit cards and have associations with 200 famous worldwide banks. 

If the information you entered while performing a money transaction is not correct, the request will be declined or the money will be sent to the wrong address. If you are wondering how you can register for a Payeer wallet, here is the step-by-step process:

  1. Visit the official website of Payeer and register your account.
  2. In order to register, write your email address into the field that says “Create Account” and then hit the green-colored “Create Account” button.
  3. Next, you will be asked to insert a verification code. Find the code on your email and enter it exactly into the required field. Locate the “Create Account” button and press it. 
  4. You will come across four sections requiring a password, secret code, and the allotted name of your account. 
  5. You can update your password to something that is easy to remember for you. Keep a record of your top-secret code or alter it to your desired numbers, so you never have to forget it. 
  6. Hit the green “Next” button in order to proceed. 
  7. Enter your first name, last name, and country name before clicking on the “Done” option.
  8. If you can not find Pakistan in the list of countries, you can choose some other country name. 
  9. After finishing up, you’ll be forwarded to the home page of your Payeer account. This means that your account has been created successfully. 

Cryptocurrency Exchange Through Payeer:

If you have money in your bitcoin or Ethereum wallet and would like to exchange it against Payeer, you can do it through C4Changer. You can then pay for settlements around the world using this non-fiat money.

People around the world are registering for Payeer wallets, as they support more than 150 payment methods. The services are free of cost and the facilities make the payments process a lot more convenient. You can recharge your account with Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, EUR, LTC, BCH, DASH, and other types of e-currencies. Visit our website to send and receive money in different cryptocurrencies through your Payeer wallet.

We care about generating convenience of money exchange for our customers and also offer Paypal in Pakistan. Visit us today to benefit from the world of currency exchange and get access to various online transaction systems. 



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