5 Facts About Cryptocurrency That Will Surprise You!

Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm in the last few years. With so many renowned personalities investing in crypto, people have run to invest in this online currency and almost everyone now has some money invested in it. So many coins have now been introduced and trading is going on at an immense rate everyday.

There was a time everyone was so sceptical of the whole idea of an online currency, but now it seems so normal. You have probably heard about crypto a lot and are probably even trading, but did you know these interesting facts about crypto? Trust us, you will be surprised!

A Few Fun Facts About Crypto!

  1. The First Commercial Crypto Transaction Was For A Pizza!

Ha-ha. Funny, right? But it is actually true. Trust us, we weren’t able to believe it either. On May 22, 2010, a man in Florida named Laszlo Hanyecz paid a total of 10,000 bitcoin for two pizzas. And the most surprising part is, they even ACCEPTED it!

Since then May 22 has been given the name “Bitcoin Pizza day”. Would you buy pizzas with your cryptocurrency? We probably would not!

  • A Digital Currency Wallet Will Help With More Efficient transactions!

There are many digital currency wallets available for crypto trading. These wallets are made to ensure efficient transactions and to make sure that the safety and security of its users are not compromised.

If you are a business that deals with huge sums of cryptocurrency or just an individual looking to make a profit from trading in cryptocurrency, these wallets may be just what you need to ensure effective transactions. 

There are many digital currency wallets available for you to choose from, such as skrill, Advcash, payeer dollar exchange, and many more. Use them to make easy transactions and easy buying and selling of your currency.Need to make transactions through a digital wallet? Contact C4Changer for all your crypto trading solutions!

  • There Are More Currencies In Existence Than You Believe!

There are well over 15,000 cryptocurrencies in existence! Fascinating, no? If you trade in cryptocurrency, you might be aware of some of them and even bought or sold a few, but there are more than you could ever comprehend.

Some of them might not even be available in your country. However, a digital wallet helps you trade in currencies that might not even be easily accessible in your country. Payeer exchange is one of the best in Pakistan and will help you access and trade in currencies all over the world. Browse through C4Changer and start trading through Payeer now!

  • There’s A Man Who Wants To Dig A Hole To Find His Crypto Wallet

You may think that’s funny, but we actually feel sorry for the guy. This is the story of James Howells, a man in Wales, who threw away his crypto wallet which consisted of 7500 bitcoins. Honestly though, can you blame him? Who knew crypto would become this popular in a few years and Bitcoin would rise higher than the dollar? 

Well, James realised his mistake later just like the rest of us. Now, he is trying to convince the local city council to allow him to dig the landfill so he can find his wallet. He’s even offered to share a percentage of the profit if he is allowed to excavate the land. Would you go that far?

  • No One Knows Who Created Bitcoin

Well, we saved the best for last. Bitcoin is one of the best and most expensive coins on the market. But its creator is unknown. There have been speculations but the actual creator is still unknown. Who knows, maybe he wants it to remain this way? But would it not be great to unravel that mystery?

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