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5 Best Cryptocurrencies For Day Trading In 2022

Cryptocurrency trading is claimed to be one of the most profitable trading strategies in the market today. Thousands of investors are using the constantly changing value of this non-fiat money to generate profits every day. However, the trading is also accompanied by some drawbacks, for example, a sudden drop in the value of your purchased currency. 

The time and type of currency you are investing in are two major factors that define your lucrative benefits from this trading option. If you have decided to buy e currency dollar in Pakistan, it is best to identify the most stable cryptocurrencies to invest in for day trading. Talk to a crypto expert and get their insights on which is the best time to buy a particular type of e-currency, or read ahead to find out.

The Top Coins For Big Profits:

In this blog, we have listed the five best coins that are likely to generate substantial financial returns upon your same-day trading. 

  • Lucky Block(LBLOCK):

Even though LBlock is a relatively new coin, it has gained much popularity among the population. The lottery token has a myriad of prospects and is the best currency for day trading. 

The native token for Lucky Block is termed as LBLOCK. The main objective of building this platform was to control online gaming cultures through blockchain technology. This system has transformed the gaming industry by changing the way gamblers play games on the internet. 

The users of this network can play games on Lucky Block’s platform. They can then perform transactions using the Lucky Block blockchain system that offers complete transparency. It uses blockchain to provide maximum security and anonymity. The cryptocurrency is trying to engulf the online gaming space, which is a currency valued at $230 million.

  • Bitcoin(BTC):

Bitcoin is the most popular and trusted cryptocurrency in the online trading market today. The currency is known to rule over the crypto market since its origin. Bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. It operates through blockchain technology, which eliminates the risk of the leaked transaction history. 

Each and every money transaction is verified in real-time through a huge network of robust computers. The value of bitcoin also maintains itself as the highest among the rest of the cryptocurrencies. Whether you want to use digital currency for the long term or for day trading, Bitcoin is the best currency to invest in. 

  • Binance(BNB):

Binance launched this coin, which has become one of the most well-known exchange tokens around the globe today. It is a massive cryptocurrency exchange and is known throughout the world for developing this asset with easy fundamentals to read. 

The reason for the placement of this coin on our list is because it is tied to the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance. The network is always highlighted in the latest news and includes all updates about the exchange rates. This also means that the statistics related to exchange will affect the price of BNB.

The coin offers various use cases within the ecosystem of Binance. Several functional factors like fee payments and BB Vault staking determine the day-to-day price of BNB. In addition to that, the liquidity of the coin is also considerably large, which makes it one of the most valuable crypto coins in the world. 

  • Dogecoin(DOGE):

There are various justifications for keeping Dogecoin among the list of best cryptocurrencies for day trading. It is considered the market’s top meme coin for assets that do not contain a use case, but are trusted due to their popularity. 

The thing about meme coins is that they have a volatile price. This is why we have seen the price of DOGE jump up to 20% in the span of a single day. If you happen to invest in the coin on such a lucky day, your returns will be huge.

  • Ethereum(ETH):

Ether is the second most popular cryptocurrency and is known to have a billion-dollar market cap. The coin lies next to bitcoin as a valuable digital asset. The consistent growth of Ethereum over the past few years has led to the interest of various investors in this currency. They are convinced to purchase and trade more frequently through this digital coin. 

Ethereum blockchain is the primary defining factor for the value of Ether. It is the most widespread layer-1 smart contract blockchain in the crypto market. This showcases that the network is too large to fail for crypto. Due to the popularity of this non-fiat currency, any updates related to the value or relevant upgrades to the blockchain are highlighted in the news frequently. 

To sum it up, if you are in favour of buying your financial assets within the same day, you can benefit from the above-mentioned crypto coins. Consequently, if you are wondering how to sell e currency in Pakistan, C4Chnager has the answer for you. Visit our website today to buy the top cryptocurrencies for day trading. 

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